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Step on the road that Basic Trade FX paves for you!

What comes to your mind first of all, when you think of finance? A stable and reliable income? An opportunity to travel the world? Or to quit your 24/7 job? Whatever aspects of your life you strive to improve - Basic Trade FX is the very company that will help you transform your dreams into reality.


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Terms and Agreements

Mutual Agreement: Please read the following terms & conditions before using our services.

This is an agreement between Basic Trade FX LTD (hereinafter referred to as «Basic Trade FX» and/or the "Company") and you (hereinafter referred to as the "Member/s").

A. By participation in Basic Trade FX program, you must fully acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

1a. You agree to be of legal age in your country, and in all the cases your minimal age is 18 years of old.
2a. Basic Trade FX online services are only available to qualified members and individuals personally invited by them.
3a. All members information, financial reports, account balances, trading activities, massages and other info displayed and/or stored by Basic Trade FX's servers are of private nature, and will not be disclosed to third parties.
4a. You affirm that nobody has solicited you or enticed you to register with Basic Trade FX’s site against your will.
5a. You affirm that you are not an employee or official of any government agency, nor collecting information for any government agency, and/or acting on their behalf.

B. Basic Trade FX LTD was registered as an international limited liability company, neither as a bank nor a security firm. Buying digital funds via Basic Trade FX is not insured or guaranteed by any government agency existing out there. Therefore, and even though we will always seek to secure the value of our members funds, it is possible to lose funds by participating in this program.

C. You are under the money laundering prevention law and other such international laws, therefore, it is illegal to conduct or attempt to conduct a financial transaction with proceeds known to be from specified unlawful activity. The aforementioned activity may also include the intent to promote the carrying of unlawful activity, to evade taxes, and/or to conceal or disguise the nature of the proceeds and reporting requirements.

1c. You accept sole responsibility for any and all appropriate taxes as charged by your own country, and hereby indemnify Basic Trade FX LTD and its owners of such liability.
2c. All transactions, deposits and/or withdrawals are deemed final and irreversible.
3c. We reserve the right to change our members payment method as deemed necessary for accomplishing their withdraw requests in timely manner.
4c. The Company is not responsible and/or liable for any internal or external loss of funds due to password sharing and/or Identity theft.
5c. Sharing account and/or payment processor for the purpose of abusing Basic Trade FX's affiliate program is strictly forbidden, unless it was previously agreed upon in written correspondence. In light of such sharing violation, we reserve the right to terminate affiliate's commission and limit the account involved as deemed necessary.
6c. You agree to hold the Company harmless from any loss and/or liability to your principals (original funds), therefore, do not deposit money that you cannot afford to lose, as you are spending it at your own risk.
7c. You agree that the Companie’s past performance does not reflect, nor guarantee you the same results in the future.